June 11 2016

My beloved British godfather, Lynn Perkins, always used to warn me of the manifest evils of Europe and beyond, “remember, Eric, the wogs begin in Calais (pronounced ‘Callis’ by the Brits.)” Wog is a nasty British term for oily, untrustworthy foreigners.

I recall the Perkins warning because of the upcoming British referendum to stay in the European Union, or pull out. Polls suggest Brits will narrowly decide to stay in the EU; my instincts say the same.

But then again, remember all those ‘wogs.’ Britons are often too well-mannered to bring up this issue, particularly in polls. But deep down, many of Great Britain’s people still think of Europeans (Germans, Swiss and Scandinavians excepted) and all Arabs and Indians as wogs. These are people who eat smelly food with garlic and don’t turn bright red in the sun like the Brits.

That old imperialist, Winston Churchill, patron saint of America’s neocon right, dismissed India’s great Mahatma Gandhi as a ‘half-naked fakir.’ He loved the British Empire and sneered, like many of his countrymen, at “the lesser races.”

Problem is, that the “lesser races” have poured into Britain since the 1950’s, changing its traditional character, politics, and rules. White Britons are losing ground in the new, multicultural United Kingdom, just as whites in California are headed for minority status. A lot of Brits, particularly north of London, don’t like it. Add now the flood of over a million Arab and African refugees into the Continent has many Britons in a frenzy that their happy little island faces growing troubles.

Hence the “Brexit” movement that wants Britain to ditch the European Union, bar the wogs, and sail off serenely on its own. They are whispering, “better be a full colony of the United States than another member of the do-nothing European Union.” To many Brits, it’s intolerable watching the hated French and Germans be the big dogs of the EU. Particularly the sneaky French who lust to get revenge for Waterloo.

Brexit partisans, taking a page from Trump’s book, ‘Presidency for Dummies,’ are becoming increasingly anti-Muslim, warning of fanciful terrorist threats and armies of lust-crazed Muslim dervishes coming to rape and pillage peaceful Britain.

The same contrived hysteria was whipped up when the British Empire was colonizing Africa in the 1800’s. And recently, when insular Brits quailed in terror before an expected invasion of Polish plumbers. Less sophisticated Britons just don’t like foreigners. I recall a Brit that I met in Paris who would only eat hard boiled eggs because “everything is filthy here in France.”

Brexiters assure the public that once the UK ditches the EU it will boom economically and establish close bilateral trade relations with the EU. In short, they will get all the benefits of the EU but escape its pesky requirements. Pork pie in sky!

The Continental EU members have long regarded Britain as an American Trojan Horse designed to keep Europe under Washington’s thumb. They don’t trust London and mock British pretensions of imperial grandeur. They also want a big slice of the City of London’s financial pie.

Europeans fear Brexit might very well create a domino effect, inspiring the EU’s weak sisters, like Greece and Italy – and maybe Spain, Portugal, or even Holland – to decamp and return to their bad old financial ways. The Russians and Americans would be pleased to see the EU founder, thus removing a strategic and economic competitor.

But a British departure from the union would be very unwise, even tragic. For all its blundering bureaucracy, over-expansion, stultifying regulations, and lack of full financial integration, the European Union was a majestic, historic achievement for war-ravaged Europe. Today, the EU is the world’s leader in human rights, education, more humane treatment of animals, transportation, environmental protection and universal health protection.

This is a huge, unprecedented accomplishment that must be safeguarded. I was again reminded of it while recently watching the commemoration of the frightful battle of Verdun that cost nearly one million French and German casualties.

If the Brits want out, let them go – but keep the Irish and Scots. The Brits never added much to the EU anyway beyond sneers and complaints. But they can’t go without paying a steep exit tax to discourage other potential deserters. An independent not so great Britain would likely become a giant American theme park in the North Atlantic while being mooned by the annoying French.

Copyright Eric S. Margolis 2016

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20 Responses to “EUROPE: LET THE BRITS GO”

  1. Interesting times…
    The first requirement in joining the EU is a loss of sovereignty; something the Brits are unable to accept. This includes losing their native currency, the pound, and accepting the rules of the majority nations. This includes allowing migrant workers and immigrants.
    The Brits are waffling about leaving the EU and are looking at means of ignoring the referendum, stating a number of reasons from the referendum being not legally binding to Scotland being able to override the results in parliament, including undertaking a new referendum. It’s a real mess.
    The Brits want to open negotiations prior to exit and the EU members are insisting that this has to be done after the Brits leave. The idea presented by the EU was derided by the Brits as being ‘stupid’. Seems to be a great way to win friends. BBC research (a publicly funded news agency) indicates the position taken by the EU is the correct and proper way forward.
    The Brits had been in a favourable position prior to the referendum, retaining their currency, controlling foreign workers, and restricting immigration. They have lost this and will not likely retain this advantage. Admission to the EU may require that they become one of the ‘regular’ EU members. The use of foreign workers and immigration were the initial cause of the Brexit vote with the latter one being the greater cause.
    There is turmoil within the British parliament in both the Conservative ranks and the Labour ranks. Cameron is looking at putting off the official notification to the EU until October; the EU wants this to proceed immediately to maintain some stability in the financial markets. There are several people within the up and coming leader supporting Brexit as well as opposed.
    There are problems within the Labour party. Corbyn, a ‘real’ socialist, and not well liked by some of the other Labour party members who have financial ‘clout’, and not really socialists have never liked him as a leader. They want him ousted because he didn’t do enough to encourage labour to vote against Brexit and are using this for an excuse to ‘sharpen their knives’. In Canada, the situation would be similar to an NDP (socialist) member not really being a socialist, but is seeking a ‘cushy’ well paying job with an expense account, a pension and power.
    The British financial market is being propped up to some extent by the government to keep it running and not going into some form of ‘meltdown’. This has had an effect on the rest of the western world and that is is likely that interest rates will not rise until the end of the year because of it. There is also a real possibility for a large recession in England, with a lesser one in the EU.
    Things could even get more interesting…

  2. AncasterMike says:

    England just officially retreated from the world it largely created.

    The immediate reason for many of the leave voters is to stop mostly Syrian refugees from immigrating there. The nasty irony is that Britain bears more responsibility for those refugees than any other EU nation. It and France partitioned the Middle East and set up the pins. It then aided the US in invading Iraq and knocked those pins down. Ex Republican Guard soldiers make up the backbone of ISIL.

    The other reason for many leavers is as a response to globalization. The British Empire brought globalization to the world (by force). It’s ironic that England now abandons its own offspring.

    • I agree that Scotland is a part of Great Britain, in the same fashion that Germany and France are part of Europe, and they are separated by a border as is Scotland.
      While you were in Scotland did you ever state that a Scotsman was really a Brit? I doubt it; any Scots I know are fiercely nationalistic and would have informed you of this in no uncertain terms.


  3. Eric’s comments about the Brits being the ‘square peg’ in the ’round hole’ could not have been more correct. Eric may have his way.
    I guess it’s all over, except for the crying… It’s now a matter of ‘hurry up and wait’.
    The results were a bit of a surprise; I would have thought that the vote would have been the other way, but, a close vote, nonetheless. I suspect Cameron’s last ditch efforts to discourage the Brexiters actually caused a lot of people to vote for leaving. His actions were despicable and he should have done more than fall on his sword. He has no one to blame except himself.
    He wants to put the referendum on a hiatus until October, at which time he will ‘step down’. He should be fired and not allowed to walk away from this debacle! He could not have done a better job to cause the exit. The EU wants nothing to do with waiting and they want to start the process of removing the UK from the EU as soon as possible. It would appear that Monday, next, would be fine. They want a clean, decisive, break.
    There is the expected fallout. The markets have dropped, and, it’s too soon to see if there is an increase in unemployment. The youth wanted to remain with the EU and they will be the ones to suffer the unemployment. Carney, a fellow Canadian, now the Brit’s Banker, pledged funds to alleviate some of the financial fall-out. A wise move; if the Brits are like the Greeks, it will be interesting to see what money leaves the country.
    There appears to be a new Scottish referendum to leave the UK; Scotland wanted to remain with the EU. Ireland (Eire) also voted to stay with the EU and this may give rise to them wanting to leave the UK. We’ll see what happens. With the last referendum in Scotland, I was disappointed that they voted to stay with the UK. The next referendum may have a different outcome.
    Donald Trump wanted the UK to exit the EU and stated so. Unfortunately when it happened, Trump was in Scotland, and they didn’t want to leave. The Donald has to be careful about where he goes; perception is everything these days.
    On the continent, some Dutch want to have a referendum to leave the EU, also Marine Le Pen, in France, wants to do the same. Both of these actions are triggered by the far Right and are likely related to immigration issues. The Swiss have also reacted. It would seem that the governments of Europe want to let the immigrants in, but, the citizens have a different opinion… democracy, a government of the people and strangely separated, it would seem.
    It’s too soon to see what the final outcome will be, and in a Chinese sense, the UK and EU will continue to live in ‘interesting times’.

  4. valdemir.fernandes says:

    Very well written, as always! Congratulations!

  5. Two interesting aspects to the assassination of Jo Cox is the utter disappearance of the Leave politicians for three days and they never even uttered the vacuous cliche of “Our thoughts and prayers.” and the fact that the media and the government has apparently sworn a death oath to never refer to a member of the Christian White using the words “Terrorist” or “Extremist”. Which her assassin is both. Not a Muslim, not a terrorist.

    • Not much different than a ‘street kid’ being offed… only that she was one of the ‘ruler elite’… end result’s the same a needless death at the hands of a social misfit.

      In Canada, we have Trudeau Jr. making a comment about not paying ransom for kidnapped Canadians, stating we will never pay a ransom to terrorists. He, and his lackeys, have security coming out their kazoos and they would likely never be placed in that sort of situation. He’s being disingenuous, or possibly ignorant, in making that sort of declaration. He does show that politicians are part of the elite and not like the commoners supporting them. Same with Jo Cox.

  6. But Scots are Brits. This makes no sense. I think you mean if the English want out…. And if the UK votes for Brexit, the Scots will use this as an excuse for another referendum.

    • Scots are not Brits… anymore than Scotland is part of Britain… Scotland is part of the UK, maybe… and, likely, for the time being…


      • Steve_M. says:

        Scotland is part of the island of Britain, and as such its citizens are British, as are the English and Welsh peoples. I would know, as I have been to Scotland in recent years.

        • I agree that Scotland is a part of Great Britain, in the same fashion that Germany and France are part of Europe, and they are separated by a border as is Scotland.
          While you were in Scotland did you ever state that a Scotsman was really a Brit? I doubt it; any Scots I know are fiercely nationalistic and would have informed you of this in no uncertain terms.


  7. The unification of Europe is a great idea in principle, but the NATO treaty entanglement with the US is a bad omen, because of the private ownership of the Federal reserve, as you can see in this video:
    And in the following clip, it is made quite clear, who ultimately gets shafted with the tab:
    When the powerblock of the US and the EU get together and that under the ultimate control of the private bankers, total enslavery of the world population by a small 1% is not only possible, but very likely, considering the rest of the world is already encircled by the military bases of these two blocks. A worse dystopia than even Orwell or Huxley foresaw. With all the widespread nuclear arms on many sides and a rich selection of insane politicians to chose from, a total annihilation of all life on this planet does not seem that far-fetched. The whole mess is already on hair-trigger alert. Britain separating from the EU is a good begin and if we can then abolish NATO and all its worldwide connections, which was supposed to have happened as promised, when the Warsaw Pact was scrapped. Why did the US renege on that promise? Is it, because they treat all pacts treaties and promises that way, even the Geneva Conventions? Reagan said once “Trust but verify”, which is great, but what to do, when nothing is verifiable except the dishonesty and the lies? Ariel Sharon Israel`s prime minister at the time on October 3 2001 was to have boasted: “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. …I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” If I am to believe this, then the US is in a sad state and if I cannot believe them, then I cannot trust them.

  8. rock9995 says:

    It seems a shame to let such a (typically) well-written article go without some kind of comment. It seems to me that Mr. Margolis has stated his case in sort of a “60-40” theme, i.e., though he has some reservations, among them that the EU is a poorly-organized, bureaucratic maze, he’s against the Brexit at the end of the day. I’m wondering though, what of comparisons with Switzerland, with it’s strong economy and single status? Or of the oft-mentioned idea that Britain and indeed the rest of Europe should focus more on new trading partners in China and India, would this not be a good thing for all?

  9. cockneypride says:

    I guess when you try to write an amusing but politically relevant piece it must be difficult to avoid lies and disinformation in search of a cheap laugh. I say this based on ‘Europe-let the Brits go’.

    I am a 70 year old Brit, I have NEVER heard anyone refer to Calais as Callis. But then I live in the U.K. not New York or Toronto as you do.

    Equally imaginative is your picture of us as Union Jack wrapped xenophobes living in the eighteenth century. You even refer to our terrorist attacks as ‘fanciful’ which must be reassuring to the relatives of the 56 killed in the July 2005 attack and the family of soldier Lee Rigby murdered in 2013.

    The U.K. is now a multi-cultural country, not perfect but far more enlightened and accommodating than our north American cousins. Your lack of knowledge of the U.K. extends to our antipathy towards the U.S.A. – rather than be the 51st state no Brit I know wants anything to do with the U.S.A. Any country that can have Trump as a potential President has nothing to teach the world’s oldest democracy.

    And democracy is what is at stake here. The EU’s long term plan is a federal Europe which we want no part of; all we want is our future in our hands, a bit like your American patriots in 1783.

    In summary a poor piece riddled with misconceptions and lies; and not remotely funny.

  10. Steve_M. says:

    Excellent article! I, too, would rather see Britain stay in the EU, because leaving it would cause the country more problems than it would solve. As for saving Britain from further African and Asian immigration, it’s already too late to prevent their white population from eventually becoming a minority. One major problem that would quickly surface if Britain decides to leave the EU is another referendum in Scotland. The Scottish nationalists have already made it clear that if Britain votes to break away from the EU and a majority of Scottish people vote to stay, then their next referendum on independence would be held within a year or two and Scotland would probably vote to secede from the UK.

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