July 6, 2024 Not since Samson brought down the temple has there been such a disaster as this week’s British election. In American terms it was a perfect case of ‘throw the bums out.’ Good show. Healthy democracies need to be purged and renovated. Britain’s Tories (Conservatives) were in power […]

June 28, 2024 This week’s presidential debate made me both horrified and dismayed. Here was the world’s most powerful nation trying to decide which elderly candidate to select as its presidential candidate. Maybe the best expression is ‘cringe-worthy.’ Joe Biden was left looking feeble and halting before the bombastic Trump. […]

June 11, 2024 European voters revolted against their political leaders in last week’s continent-wide parliamentary votes. The result was a bombshell: right-wing parties made huge gains, shaking the existing order to its foundations and sending warning signals to voters in the US, Britain, and Canada. France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, called […]