April 19, 2024 Israel and Iran are staging a Japanese kabuki-style confrontation that borders on the absurd. So far, it’s been mostly harmless (not counting Gaza of course) but behind the posturing by both sides lies the deadly threat of a possibly nuclear confrontation. Iran has shown itself to be […]

April 3, 2024 The renowned writer Arthur Koestler warned many years ago that Israel risked becoming `a nasty little Sparta.’ Half a century later Israel, grown rich on US military and financial aid, has become a very nasty big Sparta. Pat Buchanan, President Richard Nixon’s close aide, wrote ‘Capitol Hill […]

March 20, 2024 Miami – Haiti, today the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, was once the richest back in 1800. How did this happen? In those long distant days, the West indies was the equivalent of today’s Mideast – a vast treasure trove of resources. The western powers – […]