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June 11, 2024 European voters revolted against their political leaders in last week’s continent-wide parliamentary votes. The result was a bombshell: right-wing parties made huge gains, shaking the existing order to its foundations and sending warning signals to voters in the US, Britain, and Canada. France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, called […]

June 10, 2024 Watching the US Navy build a temporary pier in Gaza was a pathetic display of ineptitude and helplessness. It was a crass attempt by the Biden administration to deflect the storm of worldwide criticism over its encouragement of Israel’s far right government to crush Gaza to rubble. […]

June 6, 2024 NEW YORK – This city’s splendid Fifth Avenue and parts of the adjacent Central Park were thronged last weekend by masses of pro-Israel demonstrators demanding even more US support of Israel’s laying to waste of Gaza. New York is the world’s leading Jewish City, exceeding even Israel’s […]