June 11 2016 My beloved British godfather, Lynn Perkins, always used to warn me of the manifest evils of Europe and beyond, “remember, Eric, the wogs begin in Calais (pronounced ‘Callis’ by the Brits.)” Wog is a nasty British term for oily, untrustworthy foreigners. I recall the Perkins warning because […]

May 10, 2010  LONDON –  Confusion resulting from Britain’s hung election  continues after a weekend of furious negotiations between the three competing parties. At the time of this writing, no coalition has yet been agreed upon, but a deal is considered imminent.  British parties are not used to forming the […]

3 May 2010 PARIS –  Ah, romantic springtime Paris! Angry farmers  drove 1,100 tractors through the city of Light last week. They fired volleys of wet manure from a terrifying farm machine.  Train unions, teachers, and postmen threaten more strikes.  But France’s  biggest headache has been  financially shattered-battered Greece and […]