December 17, 2006 MIAMI – Here in the world’s second largest Cuban city, the fiercely anti-Castro Cuban exile community is straining its collective ears to catch the last dying gasps of their islands hated `Maximo leader,’ Fidel Castro. The death this week of Chile’s former dictator, Gen. Augosto Pinochet, leaves […]

26 November 2016 Sixty years ago, I was home after school, sitting in our living room on New York’s Central Park West, reading a history of Rome and listening to Dvorak’s splendid cello concerto when the announcer on WQXR broke in to announced, “Israeli armored forces are thrusting deep into […]

19 November 2016 Russia’s dispatch of a ten-ship flotilla to the Syrian Coast has raised some outrage and sneers aplenty in the West. Particularly when one of its embarked MiG-29K fighters crashed on takeoff from Russia’s sole carrier, the obsolescent Admiral Kuznetsov which lacks catapults. Joining Kuznetsov are believed to […]