New York, NY. – December 16, 2023 The massacre in Gaza of Palestinian civilians – half of them women and children – has brought growing worldwide condemnation of Israel and a surge in anti-Jewish anger. However, the co-author of this historic crime is not only Israel’s far right government and […]

October 17, 2020 Forty-seven years ago, Egypt and Syria launched a massive surprise attack on Israeli forces dug into fortifications along the Suez Canal and Golan Heights. The ‘limited’ Arab objective was to recapture both strategic areas that had been seized from the two Arab states in Israel’s victorious 1967 […]

26 November 2016 Sixty years ago, I was home after school, sitting in our living room on New York’s Central Park West, reading a history of Rome and listening to Dvorak’s splendid cello concerto when the announcer on WQXR broke in to announced, “Israeli armored forces are thrusting deep into […]