December 17, 2006 MIAMI – Here in the world’s second largest Cuban city, the fiercely anti-Castro Cuban exile community is straining its collective ears to catch the last dying gasps of their islands hated `Maximo leader,’ Fidel Castro. The death this week of Chile’s former dictator, Gen. Augosto Pinochet, leaves […]

26 March 2016 Long ago in Havana, my mother and father would take me to the famed “Floridita” bar to join a burly, white-bearded man and drink daiquiris. He gave me his book, “A Farewell to Arms,” autographed to “Eric, from his friend Ernest Hemingway. Havana, 1953” Those were the […]

January 24, 2015 It’s taken over half a century for the US to finally figure out how to neutralize pesky Communist Cuba. Invasions, air raids, crushing sanctions, attempts to murder the Castro leadership by exploding cigars and poisons, diplomatic isolation, poisoning crops – all failed. Now, the lame duck Obama […]