24 Nov 2013

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Indonesians are usually an easy-going, amiable people.

But this week, they are boiling with anger and a sense of betrayal after revelations that Australia’s Signals Directorate had been tapping the phones of senior Indonesian government officials, including President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and, worst of all, his wife, First Lady Ani Yudhoyono.

Aussie intelligence was also spying in the very same senior Indonesian cabinet officials who, like the president, are regarded as staunch allies of the US and Australia. This electronic spying was part of the by now notorious, top secret Five Eyes joint intelligence operation between the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – aka “the white man’s spy agency.”

Five Eyes is run by the US National Security Agency; its other Anglo-Saxon members act as loyal junior partners, spying on their neighborhoods and, often, their own people. How much of their local data is passed to Washington is unknown, but it is likely substantial. Disturbingly, it was recently revealed that the US NSA passes information on US citizens to another ally, Israel.

Indonesians are asking why Australia spied on them – supposedly a friendly neighbor – and, worse, on their admired president and first lady. Interestingly, Indonesians I’ve talked to, including the very bright editor- in -chief of the Jakarta Post, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, feel deeply insulted and personally offended. Indonesia and Australia have been trying to better relations for the past twenty years. They have been cooperating closely on a host of government, military, environmental and health programs.

Indonesia, with 248 million people is the closest major neighbor to Australia’s 23 million people, a fact that has often made the highly xenophobic Aussies nervous even though their defense is guaranteed by Washington. US Marines are soon to be stationed in northern Australia, near Indonesia. This militarily useless act has angered Indonesia and China

Australia’s new, conservative prime minister, Tony Abbot, arrogantly belittled the scandal as a minor flap and issued the same lame excuse as other red-hand spying western governments: “everyone does it.” That excuse may work in schoolyards, but not with Indonesia- or with many Americans, for that matter.

Showing more courage than France or Germany, President Yudhoyono ordered his ambassador to Australia home, and severed many joint projects with the Aussies. Most important, Australia has been paying Indonesia US $608.7 million annually in “aid” to stop boatloads of desperate asylum-seekers from the Mideast and Afghanistan reaching Australia. This aid seems suspended for now.

Australia has been rebuked by the outside world, for adopting such a heartless policy towards non-white refugees.

As I’ve long written, Australia has always been an apartheid state. It’s just that few noticed. While South Africa was blasted for trying to maintain white rule, Australia always kept a white-only immigration policy, accepting only small numbers of Asians. Seen any black Australians lately aside from its aboriginals?

Australia’s hard-line right wingers have always warned that dark-skinned Indonesians plan one day to invade lilly-white Australia. Back in the days of Indonesia’s late President Sukarno, Aussie and Indonesian troops often skirmished in what “Bung Karno” called ‘confrontasi.’ Australia intervened to break East Timor away from Indonesian control. The Aussies are intriguing in mineral-rich Indonesian Papua.

Many Aussies, particularly older ones, regard Indonesia as a menacing, chaotic, violent neighbor filled with angry Muslims. Jakarta’s murderous traffic may fit this description, but the rest is the same racist cant we hear from know-nothing, anti-Muslim American conservatives.

So far, Aussie PM Abbot’s replies have been ham-handed and inept. He should climb down, apologize, and eat crow for the stupid misdeeds of his spooks. Good politics demands that he – and President Obama- should fire the top men in the offending spy agencies as a warning and political sacrifice. Spies, like children, must be taught there are limits.

Meanwhile, the US is getting blamed by many Indonesians for AussieGate. America has huge investments in resource-rich Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation and largest Muslim country. How foolish and counter-productive to antagonize and insult such an important ally and growing economic powerhouse.

And just to find out that the president has a back ache and his wife is arguing with her daughter – assuming the real objective is not gathering material for blackmail.

copyright Eric S. Margolis 2013

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  1. Soon we are going to see the world hit the reset button. Colonial escapades, military adventurism, changed economies from what we’ve been used to and the on-set of the information age pose tough questions on charting the course forward. Do countries need older allegiances? Will traditional capitalism remain the only viable economic model? Will the older powers continue calling the shots? All empires and systems devised by mankind eventually come to end and are then realigned to suit the needs of the age.

  2. It seems, that the white Anglo-Saxon countries have a sharp blackmail sword suspended above their heads. Either that, or they are afraid of uncle Sam pulling the trade plug on them and/or military protection. How else to explain their faithful betrayal of their citizens to some foreign entity, which could easily be called ‘BIG BROTHER’, the one we are to believe is as yet non existent? The good fortune for the masses of humanity is, that China is quickly becoming the world power, that is filling the vacuum left by the demise of the Soviet Union. If Indonesia was to shift its allegiance to the BRIC conglomerate, that would be a major shift in the balance of power in the world and such an event is not totally inconceivable. We should realize, that our political system is not necessarily the best among all alternatives.
    Even democracy has different faces. Maybe we should try a different one, a more equitable one for the masses.

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