March 4, 2024

Good work, Mr. President Biden. You have managed to do what America’s enemies have not – creating widespread hatred for the United States around the globe. Your destruction of the Gaza refugee camps has inflamed antisemitism everywhere.

There is widespread disgust and anger at the US government over your decision to give Israel’s new far right government carte blanche to massacre rebellious Palestinians in the open prison of the Gaza Strip. The death toll is now over 31,000 killed and at least 70,000 seriously injured, not counting the long-term effects of malnutrition and even starvation. Most victims are women and children.

All of Gaza’s hospitals have been wrecked by Israeli bombs and tank fire. The Biden administration has thoughtfully rushed tank shells to Israel’s armored forces. Large stores of arms and supplies, supposedly provided by the US to Israel for an emergency situation, have been offered up to Israel to continue its massacre of Gaza. Such action violates US law – which bars the use of US-supplied arms against civilians. Dropping 2,000 lbs bombs on residential buildings is, according to Israeli spin doctors, ‘counterterrorism.’ The rest of the world does not think so.

Except of course the US, Canada and Britain, where the media is totally dominated by supporters of Israel’s now governing far right. And Washington, which is paralyzed by pre-election fever. Palestinian ‘terrorists’ are purposely running into Israeli tanks, shells and bombs just to discredit Israel. Big money financial donors are terrorizing major US and British educational institutions. Writers who dare challenge Israel’s party line on Gaza are blacklisted. Those honorable Jews who denounce Israel’s brutal policies in Gaza are denounced as ‘self-hating Jews.’

We are not told that Gaza’s terrified civilians originally came from areas around Gaza and Galilee from whence they were driven into the prison camp of Gaza from their historic homes by ethnic cleansing and massacres after 1948. Their lands were seized by the Israeli government or far-right settlers, many from the US.

As yet, we know little about the alleged massacre of some 1,000 Israelis attending a music festival on former Arab lands. I know this region fairly well after visiting the kibbutz of Nahal Oz in the 1950’s to meet relatives and see how Israel was allegedly making once supposedly barren lands flower and blossom. There were no such people as Palestinians, according to Israel’s then prime minister, who herself hailed from Ukraine.

Israel’s governing far right – was described by the late, great Israeli writer Uri Avnery as ‘Jewish fascists.’ They clearly intend to grind Gaza and its people into dust. There are large numbers of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, some of whom were gunned down this week. The objective of Israel’s far right is to expel these Arabs from the entire West Bank that Israel seized in the 1967 War and shove them into the arid Jordanian desert. Israel has long had its eye on southern Lebanon and its Litani River waters.

‘Don’t worry what Washington will say,’ said the architect of this mess, the late General Ariel Sharon. ‘I control Washington.’ True enough, as Biden and his party are showing. Wall Street donors have become more important than America’s geopolitical interests.

Interestingly, the likely winner of the upcoming US presidential election, Donald Trump, is an even stauncher supporter of Israel. But even many Democrats don’t trust his fidelity to Israel even though he openly dislikes Arabs and Muslims. Trump appears to have a clearer idea of where America’s interests lie – he may not allow Israel to lead America around by the nose.

Israel’s North American partisans keep running old films about the Holocaust to help justify their laying waste to Gaza. We ought to remember there were less than half the numbers of Jews in the besieged Warsaw Ghetto than there are today Palestinians in Gaza.

Americans should be ashamed of Biden. His administration, infiltrated and directed by far-right neocons, does not represent America’s values or traditions. Gaza will remain a major crime as well as a dark stain in America’s honor.

Copyright Eric S. Margolis 2024

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13 Responses to “MURDER IN GAZA”

  1. With the recent deaths of UK and Canadian care workers in Gaza. I’m surprised (not really) that they didn’t ask the question if the weapons sold to the Israelis were sold by US, Canada, or the UK.

  2. Bibi Khan says:

    Genocide in Gaza! Well Said. Thank You.

  3. The Palestinians have no more control over Hamas than the Afghanis have over the Taliban. What Israel is doing is a war crime supported by the Western superpowers. It’s a general failure of the world governments largely supported by the US.

  4. Asif Niazi says:

    The israeli approach in 20th century is based on the model applied in north america and australia in 18th and 19th centuries. Where foreigners occupied native lands by killing and chasing away natives.
    But the model fails in israel because of two factors. First, during the annihilation of natives in north america and Australia, there was no live video coverage to record it. So getting away with murder of millions was easy. Second, land mass of north america and australia is immense. So dislocating natives from prime lands was possible. In case of gaza and west bank, there just isnt any other land to push palestinians onto. These tiny strips of lands are surrounded by the sea, egypt and jordan.
    Until the israelis abandon the north america and Australia model, the killing from both sides will continue. Unfortunately.

  5. Recent news…
    The Canadian NDP party just proposed a bill to ‘create’ a Palestinian state. It was edited by Turdeau’s party and essentially ‘gutted’.

  6. What is truly horrifying is seeing politicians giving their unconditional support for Israel no matter how evil their actions are. Can you imagine how they would scream their outrage if Russia did even a fraction of what Israel has done.

  7. This is gut wrenching sad. That the rest of the world puts up with it shows how badly things have deteriorated. There does not seem to be any leaders with integrity.
    It was caused by the attack by Hamas on Israel and the Palestinians are blamed. The Palestinians have no more control over Hamas than the Afghanis have control over the Taliban. The world sits by as the Palestinians are being murdered.
    Hypocrite Turdeau has resumed funding UNRWA while at the same time he provides war material to Israel. This boy is well past his ‘best by’ date and needs to be discarded.
    A few years ago, I realised that the UN was not established to maintain world freedom. As a child that was always my impression or understanding. As I’ve grown older, I’m pretty sure, it was created by the major super powers to control the politics of the world. That’s the way it seems to have operated in the last few decades. It is in definite need of repair and needs a new charter. The Security Council has to be significantly increased in size and there can be no veto powers by any of the members. I doubt the current super powers would want that.
    Without this change the UN will not be able to function in order to improve the world.
    The ethnic cleansing/genocide problem in Gaza has directly been caused by the US. Palestine needs a country and the US has resisted this for decades. This has been resisted by the US and it’s famed ‘UN veto power’. Of the 193 UN member states, 138 of them realise that Palestine should be ‘created’. This need is resisted by the US and most of its trading partners. This includes most of North America, most of Europe, parts of South East Asia, Japan and Australia. The US is taking advantage of this Gaza conflict by selling arms to Israel.
    There are serious election issues in the UK and there is a divide. People are protesting against the ethnic cleansing/genocide in Gaza. This is contrary to the will of the government which is stepping up action against protesters (almost fascist like activity). The UK also sells weapons to Israel. The government is calling the protests as being anti-semite. This can easily be corrected. The UK Jews should be asked to join the protest. Alternatively, if they don’t agree, they should be prompted to have protest marches of their own, promoting the genocide in Gaza. This has turned interesting, of late, because of the election of George Galloway in one of their recent by-elections. The cat may have been set among the canaries.
    It will be interesting to see how future historians view the Palestinian problem.

  8. oakvilledad says:


    Thank you for saying what mainstream media will not. The West is turning a blind eye to the Gazan massacre. They only talk about prisoners taken by Hamas on Oct 7. One the other hand, I’ve seen videos of released prisoners who said they were treated well.

    What about 500 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, many currently on hunger strike? We never hear about them though Hamas is said to have suggested a prisoner exchange from the beginning. What about the presumptive leader of the Palestinians, Marwan Barghouti who has been jailed 22 years and currently in solitary confinement? I for one would like to know more of Mr. Barghouti.

  9. tyrionlannister says:

    Sorry, Mr. Margolis, but a whitewash of Hamas doesn’t wash. They are a nasty terrorist outfit with genocidal intent. They have pushed the button of War continuously while ignoring the basic welfare of Gaza citizens. Gaza needs a Lee Quan Yew, not a Hamas.

    • Raj Sathya says:

      Agree with you very much, Gaza needs some one like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore who modernized the fishing island into a city state one of the safest city in the world. Look at the leadership of Gaza not willing for peace neither reconciliation, terrorism is their only goal at the expense of poor Gaza citizens PATHETIC!

      • tyrionlannister says:

        Mr. Sathya,
        Thank you very much for the backup! In a saner alternative Universe a Singapore type Gaza would have a lot more economic and political heft, something it could use to champion the Palestinian cause. Far more credibly than the mugs of Hamas.

  10. peter mcloughlin says:

    And nations pursue – at any cost it seems – wherever their “interests lie”. But the pursuit in interests eventually brings them to the conflict they are trying to avoid. The horrors of the Gaza conflict are going to spread.
    The human race faces another world war. This is because governments are deluding themselves, blind to the pattern of history. It comes down to a simple syllogism: every empire/civilization has eventually faced the war it was trying to avoid; everyone wants to avoid WWIII; therefore, that is the fate that awaits.
    Paradoxically, the only chance of avoiding that fate is to accept it. Unless the nuclear powers can be convinced to change course nuclear Armageddon will not be averted. Their minds need to focus on the clear message and warning: whatever war you are trying to avoid, is the one you are going to get. I deal with the arguments (and possible solutions) in my new e-pamphlet.

  11. Joe from Canada says:

    Thank you for an excellent analysis of the situation, sir.
    I, too, have travelled throughout that area and witnessed Israel brutality, day after day, from Jenin, to Jerusalem, to Ramallah, to Hebron, to Gaza.

    My findings are identical to those described in: “ Wake Up and Reclaim Your Humanity.”

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