December 8, 2023

Palestinians have become sand in the eyes of the Mideast. How did this happen? From where did they come?

Nowhere, according to the late Israeli prime minister Golda Meir. She insisted Palestinians did not exist and were merely human flotsam and jetsam. That was pretty rich coming from Golda Mabovich, born to a Jewish family in Kiev, Russia.

So where did the Palestinians come from who are now under terrifying siege by Israeli forces in and around Gaza, with 15,000 killed so far by Israeli bombing, half of them children? These Palestinians came from next door Galilee in Palestine. They are third generation refugees.

In the early 1950’s, my mother, a journalist and lecturer, went to Palestine sponsored by a number of US newspapers and, secretly, by the US State Department.

Newly founded Israel’s official position was that Palestine – and particularly the fertile Galilee region – was a ‘land without people for a people without land (meaning Jewish immigrants).’

My mother discovered hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees living in huts made from tin cans or cardboard boxes. There were some tents erected by foreign aid agencies and the United Nations. The refugees were huddled together in the biting cold. Many were near starvation.

There was only a handful of doctors or medical personnel, and no hospitals. Jewish settlers from Eastern Europe were moving in and seizing all the arable land. The United States was financing these settlers. Donations to Israel in the US were, mostly, tax deductible. The propaganda book ‘Exodus’ and subsequent film paved the way for the seizure of Palestinian land.

Those who opposed the Zionist agenda were viciously attacked. The newspapers for whom my mother wrote were cowed into silence. Newspapers were threatened with boycotts by their vital advertisers if they did not eliminate my mother’s writings and lectures on Palestine.

Worse, pro-Israel supporters began banging on our front door in New York City, screaming death threats that included throwing acid into my mother’s face and mine. The war was not long over then and emotions after the Holocaust were still raw.

My mother was eventually terrified into silence because of threats of me being blinded by acid. She was forced to give up exposing the miserable fate of Palestinians. Meanwhile, Jews and non-Jews from Eastern Europe continued to pour into Palestine and expropriate Arab owned land. Usually with help from the Israeli government or American Zionist organizations.

When Israel’s new hard right government coalition came to power this year, one of its first acts was to proclaim it would continue ethnic cleansing in Galilee and further expand settlements on the border with Gaza. Israel’s newly impowered hard right – a group that the late great Israeli columnist Uri Avnery termed ‘Jewish fascists’ – also had its eye on Gaza and its 2 million Arab inhabitants, who were the victims of the very kind of ethnic cleansing the US rightly condemned in Kosovo and Serbia. That’s what lit the fuse for attacks near Gaza by Hamas – ironically whose founding was abetted and financed by Israel to split the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) led by the late Yasser Arafat, who was later likely murdered by Israeli poison experts from Russia.

Israel’s far right has secured almost total control of the Biden administration, including the president and secretary of state. Congress jumped to its feet to applaud Netanyahu while cold-shouldering President Obama. Those tax-deductible US donations and over $5.5 billion annual overt and covert aid to Israel (before Ukraine became the leading recipient of American money), plus similarly generated aid to Ukraine make the capture of US foreign policy possible. The few media critics who protest this kidnapping of US policy and funds are ignored, sidelined or blacklisted.

For a shocking example, I was just ‘bought off’ a major TV public news network for a payment of $2 million.

Americans who rely for news on the big six news outfits get data prepared for them by Israel’s mighty propaganda machines. That’s why the Mideast news in France, Italy and Spain is so very different. Even Britain’s once independent-minded BBC now toes the line from Israel while the man who exposed US war crimes in Iraq – Julian Assange – rots in a British maximum-security prison. So much for the famed ‘free press.’

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  1. Palestine welcomed European Jews after the Holocaust. And what do they gave them in return? – a genocide, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and now extermination. Zionism shows the world what it truly is – a racist, and violent ideology – the corrupted system of supremacist and racist domination. This is not Judaism. Jews live in harmony with Muslims and Christians until the racist European ideology of Zionism, originated in Europe, came to their shores, stole their land, and devastated their lives.

  2. The United Nations General Assembly recently passed a nonbinding, resolution, symbolic only, to demand an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza. The fact that the UN is powerless indicates that it has failed. They need to abolish the ‘veto’ power. It was interesting that 153 countries voted for the ceasefire and that 10 voted against and that 23 abstained from voting. This shows how ineffective the UN has become due to American intervention.
    The vote was interesting in that Canada voted for the resolution, and did not side with the US; it was a bit surprising that they didn’t abstain. With the large majority voting for a ceasefire, there should be enough strength or ‘voice’ to call for abolishing the veto power. It’s disappointing that the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands abstained.
    The article is at:

  3. Courageouslion says:

    It is so sad to see so called “Christians” call for the wholesale slaughter of innocent people in Palestine. Just doesn’t seem to Christ like to me. I am passing this article around wherever and whenever I can. I will hopefully be adding it to my substack page as an update on the Palestinian issue.

  4. The tragic irony is that the closest parallel to Gaza is the Warsaw ghetto in WW2 and when the Jews inevitably rebelled there, the Nazis killed somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000. They levelled the place.
    Now it appears the Israelis have killed more Palestinians than the Nazis did Jews.
    The world needs to step in and fix the situation as the Israelis and Palestinians will never do it on their own.

  5. …and more disturbing, from ‘The Intercept’, “A climate of fear is gripping U.S. newsrooms as a growing list of journalists have been fired, suspended, or otherwise sidelined after refusing to abide by the pro-Israel bias across the U.S. news media.
    The New York Times, Associated Press, BBC, and Los Angeles Times are just a handful of the more prominent news outlets where journalists say they were sidelined after criticizing Israel or expressing sympathy for Palestinians.”

  6. Decades ago, the UN should have designated space for the Palestinians to call ‘home’. They have failed to do so, largely based on interference from the United States. The US is largely responsible for the current Middle East problem. If you take a look at the world map showing areas that do not want to create a ‘real’ Palestine, it shows that the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Western Europe, Scandinavia, and the UK are resisting creation of a Palestine. These are counties the US has ‘under it’s thumb’. The recent attempt to intervene was blocked by a US Veto. You’d almost think there was a connection between the US and Israel.
    I’ve noted before that the Palestinians are no more responsible the Hamas than the Afghans are responsible for the Taliban. Unlike Israel, the Palestinians do not have a good PR Firm working on their behalf. The Germans are siding with Israel. You might think the two countries have a common background in genocide, or ethnic cleansing. It’s wrong for the Chinese to do this to the Uyghurs, but OK for Israel to do it to the Palestinians. The Americans are the adjudicators in both instances.
    Canada is always in league with the US. One of the reasons Canada was not included on the Security Council, and was ‘beaten out’ by Ireland of all places, was likely out of our ‘umbilical cord’ attachment to the US. We are nearly indistinguishable.
    For Canada to do the humanitarian thing, we should withdraw from the UN, to show our distaste for their improper lack of action. As time passes, I realise, more often, the UN was not created to be a ‘world saviour’, but was created so that the superpowers could direct the politics of the rest of the world. This has happened too many times, for it to have been by accident. The only way to repair the UN is to redo the Charter to increase the security council by a factor of 5 with no state having a ‘Veto’ power. The superpowers would not like this and would not accept this. The UN is broken and without this change, it has failed and is not capable of functioning without politics, and should be disbanded. Even with the increased security council size, politics can still ‘be in play’.

  7. Joe from Canada says:

    I, too travelled to Palestine with Interfaith Peace Builders in 2010. The daily brutalities and degradations suffered by these people are beyond imagination.
    The concept of “ occupied state” does not sink into the North American mindsets.
    These occupier soldiers take it as their right to harass, bully people in their everyday lives. Roadblocks are routinely used. Kids are stopped in streets by soldiers shoving rifles into their guts. How dare they throw stones! They go to jail for months for this.
    Yes. The Hamas slaughter of neighbouring civilians was wrong! Yes, heinous. Yes, stupid and counterproductive.
    Unprovoked? No.
    Billions of dollars are now being collected in USA to cleanse the area of Palestinians. A second nakba.

  8. Here in Canada free speech loving CTV fired Yara Jamal the only Palestinian reporter in eastern Canada for not being 100,000,000,000% pro Israel.

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