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5 Responses to “I am taking a short hiatus from writing but will return in the not too distant future. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!”

  1. Aside from the inevitable periodic writer’s burnout, I’m sure Eric had a number of ideas he was working on over time. With the pandemic turning everything on its head and re-arranging, in many ways, the world order and our perception of it, maybe a lot of the issues he was working on look very different. I’ve shelved a raft of working papers and have to start from scratch on many issues.

    I hope he is well and still cogitating in our brave but vulnerable new world.

  2. Raj Sathya says:

    Wishing a good health, hope to see you soon.

  3. Eric, I will miss your writing but hope you and your family are well. I look forward to reading your articles in future.

  4. Come back soon!

  5. KeninCanada says:

    Maybe when you return you can comment on the recent conflict between India & China.
    Not exactly the geography in your book, but looks like a similar problem.

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