March 30, 2019

Not since the witchcraft hysteria of the Middle Ages have we seen such a display of human idiocy, credulity and absurdist behavior. I refer, of course, to the two-year witch hunt directed against President Donald Trump which hopefully just concluded last week – provided that the Hillaryites, Democratic dopes and secret staters who fueled this mania don’t manage to keep the pot boiling.

This column has said from Day 1 that claims Trump was somehow a Russian agent were absurd in the extreme. So too charges that Moscow had somehow rigged US elections. Nonsense. We know it’s the US that helps rig elections around the globe, not those bumbling Russians who can’t afford the big bribes such nefarious activity requires.

What Mueller found after he turned over the big rock was a bevy of slithering, slimy creatures, shyster lawyers, and sleazes that are normally part of New York’s land development industry. No surprise at all that they surrounded developer Trump. Son-in-law Jared Kushner hails from this same milieu. The Kushners are pajama-party buddies with Israel’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now that the Mueller investigation found no collusion between the Trump camp and the Kremlin, we Americans owe a great big apology to Vladimir Putin for all the slander he has suffered. Too bad he can’t sue the legions of liars and propagandists who heaped abuse on him and, incidentally, pushed the US and Russia to the edge of war.

People who swallowed these absurdist claims really should question their own grasp of reality. Those who believed that the evil Kremlin was manipulating votes in Alabama or Missouri would make good candidates for Scientology or the John Birch Society.

They were the simple fools. Worse, were the propagandists who promoted the disgusting Steele dossier, a farrago of lies concocted by British intelligence and apparently promoted by the late John McCain and Trump-hating TV networks. One senses Hillary Clinton’s hand in all this. Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It’s so laughably ironic that while the witch hunt sought a non-existent Kremlin master manipulator, the real foreign string-puller was sitting in the White House Oval office chortling away: Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and, behind him, the moneybags patron of Trump and Netanyahu, American billionaire gambling mogul, Sheldon Adelson, the godfather of Greater Israel.

The three amigos had just pulled off one of the most outrageous violations of international law by blessing Israel’s annexation of the highly strategic Golan Heights that Israel had seized in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. This usurpation was so egregious that all 14 members of the UN Security Council condemned it. Even usually wimpy Canada blasted the US.

Giving Golan to Israel means it has permanently secured new water sources from the Mount Hermon range, artillery and electronic intelligence positions overlooking Damascus, and the launching pad for new Israeli land expansion into Lebanon and Syria. Israel is said to be preparing for a new war against Lebanon, Syria and Gaza.

In contrast to this cynical business over Golan, the Trump administration is still hitting Russia with heavy sanctions over Moscow’s re-occupation of Crimea, a strategic peninsula that was Russian for over 300 years. So Israel can grab Golan but Russia must vacate Crimea. The logic of sleazy politics.

We also learned last week that according to State Secretary Mike Pompeo, Trump might have been sent by us by God, like ancient Israel’s Queen Esther, to defend Israel from the wicked Persians. Up to a quarter of Americans, and particularly Bible Belt voters, believe such crazy nonsense. For them, Trump is a heroic Crusading Christian warrior.

This is as nutty as Trump being a Commie Manchurian candidate. We seem to be living in an era of absurdity and medieval superstition. No wonder so many nations around the globe fear us. We too often look like militant Scientologists with nuclear weapons.

Fortunately, the cool, calm, collected Vladimir Putin remains in charge of the other side in spite of our best efforts to overthrow or provoke him.

Copyright Eric S. Margolis 2019

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  1. The old grey fox smiles in the corner.
    The Americans have reason to be concerned. Their country is ‘falling apart’ from within. On an international stage they are treated as ‘clowns’, even laughed at during one of the UN meetings. On a world stage, Americans are not trusted. When the FAA wanted the ‘not so black’ box from the recent Boeing air disaster, they were refused. The Ethiopians, instead, turned the box over to the French BEA. The Americans have pulled out of internationally agreed treaties, for example, the Iranian Nuclear agreement, and the Nuclear Armament Agreement. The Americans have increased world instability by wanting to include Saudi Arabia in the nuclear group. The latter items should have advanced the Doomsday Clock by another 30 seconds. The US recognition of Israeli claim to the Golan Heights in opposition to the UN position that the Israelis are illegally occupying the area. As I’ve noted often, the UN is a ‘toothless tiger’ and needs to be fixed if it is to work. Recognising MBS’s involvement in the Khashoggi execution, the Germans ceased supplying the Saudis with weapons; Trump, contrary to his intelligence agencies did not even recognise MBS’s involvement and continues to provide for the Saudi war machine.
    The list goes on. Trump is not the cause of this, but, is a symptom of the problems America is suffering from; he has not helped matters. He has only made them worse.
    The American Kabuki continues, driven by the ‘old white guys’ in the Democratic Party (“OWDs”) and those in the Republican political party (“OWRs”). There is little difference between the OWDs and the OWRs. Both want to maintain the status quo at the expense of the nation and the enrichment of a select few.
    In contrast, there is a huge difference between the OWDs, the OWRs, and the ‘younger crop’ of Democrats. The younger crop want the wealth re-distributed to allow all Americans to have free universal education and health care. The younger crop is not beholding to Corporate America, having financed their campaigns by ‘beating the bushes’ and returning to grass root principles. There is a concern that this will, in future, be corrupted by the availability of ‘easy money’ from Corporate America. Unbridled Corporate Capitalism is bad and is likely the number one reason for the condition the US is in.

    With many programs, the US is entering the ‘Brexit’ era. I was never a fan of the UK joining the EU; to become a member meant relinquishing some sovereignty, and the UK was not prepared to do this. The situation is true with many American states. For example, the State of Texas adamantly knows what is best for its people and has a textbook bureau to protect this. This has to change. Universal education would go a long way to improve the intelligence of America. The individual states have to ‘back off’ from interfering with a national education program. A national set of tests has to be implimented. All states have to have education be adequately funded. Unlike most civilised countries, the United States does not offer free universal education or health care. This is resisted by the OWDs and OWRs. One American commentator posed a series of questions to American students on the street, and, I was surprised they could answer only 1/3 of the questions. Myself, not an American, could nearly answer all of them. This speaks volumes about the American education system.
    Canada, to a lesser extent, suffers from similar failings in education. More Canadians know of Gordon Lightfoot than they do of Northrup Frye. This just simply shows how our interests have been directed or moulded. I recall the old ‘Simon and Garfunkle’ lyrics:
    “I knew a man, his brain was so small
    He couldn’t think of nothing at all
    Not the same as you and me
    He doesn’t dig poetry He’s so unhip that when you say Dylan
    He thinks you’re talking about Dylan Thomas
    Whoever he was
    The man ain’t got no culture.”
    There are major fixes required to encourage voter participation. These include:
    A proper national voter identification that is acceptable to all states;
    The voter registration process needs to be repaired;
    The electoral boundaries have to be corrected to reflect a similar sized area and number of people. They have to be adjusted to prevent Gerrymandering, etc;
    Efforts have to be made to facilitate voting. Polling stations must be located so that voting is an easy process to encourage the population to get out and vote;
    Political donations have to be anonymised. This will reduce the appearance that ‘Big Business is directing the actions of the government. Realising that appearance is what is perceived by the voting masses. There can be no connection between the contributor and the political party;
    The Electoral College has to be eliminated. Several states are in the process of doing this, but, there are huge roadblocks ahead and a lot of preparation required.
    Kavanaugh has to be properly investigated by the FBI for perjury. He is unfit for the poisiton and is a significant roadblock to prevent a lot of the work that has to be done by the younger crop.
    Paragraphs could be written about each of the above items. The younger crop has to address these items in order to fix the American political system. The Trump episode is only a ‘red herring’, and is detracting from the real goals ahead. Unfortunately, I suspect the OWDs do not want these fixed.
    Trump may have been correct when he says witchhunt regarding the Mueller report. This has not been proven and the report has not been released yet. The contents are unknown except for a select few items. The report is not an exoneration of Trump, only the conclusion that ‘guilt was not proven’, which is the term Mueller used. In Trump’s classic hyperbole, this is the same as being ‘Not Guilty’, and as a typical showman, is playing it to the ‘crowds’. The SDNY are very active; they are gathering faggots (no homophobia intended) to place at his feet and waiting for someone to offer a up the torch. The fact that everyone around him has been indited or jailed speaks volumns. He is a clown and has done more to tarnish the American image that any of his predecessors. He needs to be replaced.
    The old grey fox smiles in the corner.

  2. The Trump Administration has done a brilliant job of widening domestic fault lines , of fracturing ties with allies, and of driving potential allies towards competitive opponents. The ‘opposition’ in game theory would love this. IMO, Trump isn’t smart enough to ‘collude’ with Russia, Putin is bright enough, however, to play Trump for a patsy. Trump’s cognitive ability has been demonstrated by his selection of subordinates and by his inability to see how those were playing this ‘genius’ until they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. As far as obstruction goes, Trump is a con artist and instinctively tries to cover his tracks, crime or not. He simply is unable to remeber all his lies.

    • Mike Smith says:

      Those faults lines have been widening since Reagan… and even more under Obama. The biggest problem with Russia and Trump has been the democrats and the old boys in the republican party… Trump was on his way to some sort of detente with Putin before he was attacked for doing so, and turned away from even making an attempt by those in US politics who need enemies to rail against to operate. Also I think most Americans would be shocked to find their ” allies ” are going along with US policy simply to appease the elephant on the world stage and not because they really agree or support the BS that come out of Washington… opposition to that BS is long overdue and if Trump promotes that, I say give him another term.

    • “The Trump Administration has done a brilliant job of widening domestic fault lines…”
      I think it goes far beyond domestic fault lines. The effect is international.

  3. What then explains the highly irregular behavior of Trump towards Putin and Russia? The antics the president displayed in Helsinki were so oddly fawning that they were uncomfortable in the extreme and put him on the side of Putin against his own intelligence agencies.
    If we take your thesis and exclude the possibility of collusion as the cause of his behaviors, then are the most likely explanations that Trump is seeking financial benefits from Russian and/or Putin has compromising information on the president?
    I’d almost rather it be one of these reasons, since for Trump to act as he has for no good reason would be even more disturbing.

  4. Cal McKerral says:

    Bravo, Eric! The Trump-hating media are focused on the wrong things. While they prattle on about intrigues, the Trump administration is making America worse off (environment, public education, health care, criminal justice, just to name a few) than ever. And foreign relations? It’s America’s way or you’ll get punished. Damn the UN, were back to the “big stick” days.

    Cal McKerral

  5. What is amazing is how it is America’s so called liberals like Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert are even pushing the lies.

    • From Maher’s description of a dictator the Donald has some similar characteristics. Maher listed the items already “checked off” the list, which include:
      You’re a narcissist and you like your name or face on buildings,
      You appoint family members to positions of power,
      You hate the press and use your own propaganda outlet,
      You use your office for you own personal financial gain,
      You align with other dictators,
      You claim minorities are the cause of problems in this country,
      You lie so freely that people don’t know what the truth is anymore,
      You ask the Department of Defense to consider a military parade, and
      The one thing missing is having a military costume.
      I would suggest the above are not lies… scarey, huh?

  6. One of the networks did a piece on an opinion poll they just ran and it showed that absolutely zero Americans were concerned with Russia. This after they spent 2 years hanging Trump as a Russian operative. Now that they have been exposed, they will just bury the issue because, according to their poll, no one cares about Russia.

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