May 5, 2018   

 ‘Chutzpah’ is a wonderful Yiddish word that means outrageous nerve, or unmitigated gall. 

This week’s Chutzpah Award goes to Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Standing in front of props of data files and cd’s, Netanyahu claimed Israel’s renowned Mossad spy agency had stolen a small mountain of secret Iranian nuclear data from a warehouse in Tehran.

The never-understated Netanyahu claimed that the purloined material proved that Iran was lying about having halted its covert nuclear program and must not be trusted. 

Netanyahu’s supposed nuclear bombshell was likely the warm-up act for President Donald Trump to reject Iran’s nuclear freeze deal with the US, Russia, China, Germany, and France, blessed by the UN and the European Union.  The only thing Trump apparently hates more than Muslims is his predecessor, former President Barack Obama (whom he accused of being a secret Muslim). The Iran nuclear deal was the most important foreign policy accomplishment of the Obama administration. 

Netanyahu repeatedly warned the world about Iran’s alleged nuclear arsenal while making no mention at all of Israel’s own large, secret nuclear arsenal, which is believed to comprise of over 100 warheads, perhaps even several hundred, that can be delivered by aircraft, missiles and submarines.  Every Mideast nation can be hit by Israeli nukes as well as Russia, which some experts say is or was on Israel’s target list.

Trump, of course, made no mention of the awkward fact that Israel had stolen much of its nuclear technology and uranium from the United States, sometimes with the connivance of very senior US government officials.  France, that paragon of world peace, had the rest.

Listening to Netanyahu accuse Iran of hiding secret nuclear facilities was pure pot calling the kettle black.  Israel’s early nuclear program at Dimona in the Negev desert was entirely concealed from US and UN inspectors, including fake walls in the nuclear complex that completely fooled them.  When Netanyahu accused Iran of cheating, he knows of what he speaks.

Most of what Netanyahu ‘revealed’ about Iran’s alleged nuclear program was old stuff, dating back to 1999-2003 and readily available in reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency.   This respected UN agency now reports that Iran has fulfilled all of its commitments and abandoned its earlier nuclear program that did not produce any weapons before it was ended.

But facts don’t matter in this Trump-produced, made-for-TV drama.  The key point is that with the naming of Michael Pompeo as US Secretary of State, and appointment of the rightwing fanatic John Bolton as US national security advisor, Israel’s rightwing government has completed its virtual takeover of US Mideast policy.  As I’ve previously written, Trump looks more and more like a Trojan Horse for Netanyahu and his extremist allies.

Besides Pompeo and VP Mike Pence, both ardent Christian Zionists, and Bolton, Trump now has around him the UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, of Indian origin, who is the darling of the US far right and a handmaiden of arch-pro Israel billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, a major bankroller of the Republican Party.   Add in Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and, of course, Trump’s daughter and son-in-law.  In short, an amen-chorus for Israel’s far right. 

This American Israel-first coalition has joined Netanyahu’s Likud alliance in pressing for war against Iran.  The first skirmishes have already begun with over 100 Israeli air attacks on Syria, ostensibly against Iranian positions. A great propaganda hue and cry against the purported dangers of Iran is being raised in the US and Europe.  According to Israel’s right, Assyrian hordes are about to engulf Israel.

In reality, Iran has very little offensive power.  Like Iraq before it, Iran is militarily dilapidated with 40-year old equipment, a largely grounded air force, little artillery and poor communications.  Tehran has a few inaccurate missiles but no nuclear warheads. 

Israel’s powerful air force could easily turn any attacking Iranian forces into chopped falafel.  Iran’s only strength is defensive, in urban combat or mountainous terrain.  Iran has no capability to seriously threaten Israel except by aiding the Lebanese Hezbollah movement in showering northern Israel with light artillery rockets, a nuisance rather than a mortal danger.

Israel is moving to repeat its triumph in 2003 when the Bush administration, US partisans of Israel, and dishonest US media pushed the nation into a war of pure aggression against Iraq.  Israel emerged the victor from this unprovoked war and is trying to repeat its success again with Iran. 

Overthrowing Iran’s Islamic Republic would leave Israel the unchallenged power in the Mideast.


Copyright  Eric S. Margolis 2018


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  1. Steve_M. says:

    Again, an excellent analysis. Note that Netanyahu’s televised speech was done entirely in English, even though most Israelis don’t speak or understand the English language too well, because it was aimed entirely at US audiences, especially members of Congress. To me, if Israel wants to destroy Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons program, then let it do so on its own without any help from the US or anyone else. But, not surprisingly, Israel prefers to have the US do the dirty work for it (always anxious to hold the Americans’ coats), just like it did in relation to Iraq in 2003. What might deter the US from undertaking military action in the near future against Iran, however, is Russia and whatever Putin’s people likely have to hang over Trump’s head.

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