April 21, 2018


Butcher of Damascus.  Gasser of children.  Baby Killer of Syria.   Tool of Moscow.  Cruel despot.  Monster.

These are all names the western media and politicians routinely heap on Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad.  He has now become the top Mideast villain, the man we love to hate.

As a veteran Mideast watcher, I find all this hard to swallow.  Compared to other brutal Mideast leaders, Assad is pretty weak tea. The US/British propaganda effort to paint Assad in blackest colors is having a difficult time.

Mideast leaders who toe the US line and make nice to Israel are invariably called ‘statesmen’ or ‘president’ by the American government and its increasingly tame media.  There’s good old President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Egypt, the military dictator who crushed that nation’s only democracy and imposed an iron-fisted rule.  But we will never hear from the US media of Egypt’s political murders, disappearances, secret prisons and torture.  Or that Egypt has been one of the world’s most draconian police states since the era of Anwar Sadat and successor Hosni Mubarak.

Saudi rulers are reverently treated by the US media and government in spite of leading the world in executions.  Last year, 44 people were publicly beheaded.  In some years, around 150 people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia, often a quarter of them Pakistani guest workers.  Having been arrested by the Saudi religious police, I can tell you that the kingdom is a police state with sand dunes and camels.  Saudi vassal states Bahrain and the Emirates are better, but not much.

Morocco, a key US ally, is notorious for its ghastly prisons and brutal torture.  Iraq and Afghanistan, now under US control, are even worse.   Israel, the largest recipient of US aid, holds close to 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners, among them 400 children, and is gunning down Palestinian demonstrators on the Gaza border.

Syria has always been a repressive police state. I recall watching ‘spies’ being hanged in front of my hotel.  Its various police forces are notorious for brutality and torture. In fact, until recently, the US actually sent captive suspects to Syria to be tortured and jailed.

That was before Washington made the decision to overthrow Syria’s legitimate government (‘regime’ in DC talk) as the first step in attacking Iran.     

But Damascus was no worse a human rights abuser than Cairo, Amman, Rabat and Riyadh, all US vassals.

While looking at the current western hate campaigns against Syria and Iran, keep in mind the history of the modern Mideast.  We are again seeing the 1914 era lies from London about Belgian babies speared on German bayonets.

Any Arab or Iranian leader who sought an independent policy or refused the tutelage of London and then Washington was delegitimized, excoriated, and demonized.     Remember the Iranian leader Mohammed Mossadegh overthrown in a CIA coup?  The renowned Egyptian leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, whom the British branded ‘Hitler on the Nile?’ Or the late, murdered Libyan Muammar Khadaffi, called ‘Mad Dog of the Mideast’ by President Ronald Reagan?  Imam Khomeini of Iran and President Ahmadinejad, both favored targets of western media invective, and both compared to the much overused Hitler.  Saddam Hussein, the ‘Butcher of Baghdad,’ and that modern Dr Fu Manchu, Osama bin Laden, the all-time favorite Muslim arch villain. 

Of course, there’s nothing new in this nasty name-calling.  During the Victorian Era, Britain’s press demonized arch villains like ‘the Mad Mullah,’ the Mahdi, the Fakir of Ipi, and Nana Sahib of the 1857 Indian uprising against British imperial rule.

Bashar al-Assad was a mild-mannered ophthalmologist living in London with his British-born wife.  When his rash elder brother Basil was killed in a car crash, Bashar was compelled to return to Syria and become the nominal political leader after the death of his very tough, ruthless father, Hafez al-Assad.  Bashar’s main role was mediating between powerful factions in Damascus and trying to modernize his nation.

In 2011, the US, Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia ignited an uprising in Syria using often fanatical jihadists.  The shy, retiring Bashar was forced to become war leader in a bloody civil conflict as his nation disintegrated. 

President Trump, whose B-52 bombers are ravaging the Mideast, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen calls al-Assad a ‘monster.’  Some of his relatives are indeed ruthless.  But very many Syrians think of Assad as their nation’s only hope of returning to normalcy.

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  1. Raj Sathya says:

    Assad is obviously a weak leader allowed Iran build its army bases in Syria.Why Iran is so keen to build his bases in Syria, the answer is every ones guess, Iran wanted to wipe Israel from the world map, this was the vision of the late lunatic ayothullah khomeni of Iran. the lunatic encouraged terrorism and his hate speech was seen as a divinely prophecy from the middle east.some how his prophecy was fulfilled as they joint hands with Hamas and send rockets to Israel and built army bases in Syria.The attack and shooting of the iranian army personnel by Israel in Syria is a powerful message to iran in particular.Israel never called for war neither vowed to remove iran from the world map.
    Currently there are 2000 political prisoners in Israel, who are these 2000? these poor souls were brain washed by the Hamas and send small children with weapon to the Israeli border.Cant the hypocrite UN body warn the Hamas/ PLO not to send children to the war?
    Head of Iranian army Hassan Nasarallah says his forces working to ensure collapse of Israel within 25 years ( Times of Israel, 23/04/18)
    25 years? I respect his honesty, in 25 years time no one will remember his 25 years dream.

    • You are misguided on several points. Read here for more information https://www.juancole.com/2014/08/another-country-palestine.html

      From the above cited article, “Wiping another Country off the Map: Israel does it to Palestine”:

      “I pointed out that there is no such idiom in Persian and that the phrase was a quotation from Imam Khomeini in the 1980s, quoted by then president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What Khomeini had said was “This Occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.” Ahmadinejad said he hoped the Zionist enterprise would collapse just as had the rule of the shah in Iran or that of the Soviet Union.”

      Another correction, Hassan Nasrallah is not the head of the Iranian Army, he is the third and current Secretary General of the Lebanese political and paramilitary party Hezbollah.

  2. Steve_M. says:

    Eric, thank you for helping to set the record straight. Also, don’t forget that the US was quite content to overlook the sins of Hafez al-Assad when Syria joined the US-led coalition in 1990-91 to force the Iraqi army out of Kuwait As you said, any country, no matter how brutal and oppressive its leadership might be, can be in Washington’s good books, as long as it is friendly to US interests and is nice to Israel. As for Bashir al-Assad using chemical weapons against his own people, it is possible that his own army used them without their leader’s approval. Assad might not be in full control of his won forces.
    On another point of interest, when the Iraqi army used chemical weapons against the Iranian army during the Iraq-Iran war from 1980 to 1988, and against the Kurdish rebels in 1988, the US turned a blind eye, since Saddam Hussein was in those years considered to be a friend to the US. Indeed, the US seemed to quietly approve of Iraq’s use of chemical weapons against the Iranians. As long as the US liked Saddam Hussein – which was before Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990- he could do almost no wrong in their eyes. However, once George W. Bush labelled Hussein a threat to Israel. the fact that Iraq had oil made the Iraqi leader a target for the US.

  3. dwe1199@gmail.com says:

    Excellent: once again pointing out the obvious….. I don’t believe Donald Stump is unleashing the B-52 it is the Pentagon and Arms Industry that now controls the USA.

  4. I have been saying this for years.

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