September 9, 2017

Few people have ever heard of Myanmar’s Rohingya people.  Not many more could find Myanmar on a map – particularly after its name was changed some years ago from Burma to Myanmar.

The exception is Burma’s sainted lady leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who became a worldwide celebrity and Nobel Prize winner.  The media loved her, a sort of Burmese Joan of Arc versus its brutal military junta.

But now, tragically, the Rohingya are headline news thanks to Myanmar’s brutal ethnic cleansing of one of the world’s most abused, downtrodden people.

Almost as revolting is the world’s failure to take any action to rescue the Rohingya from murder, rape, arson and ethnic terrorism.  In recent weeks, over 270,000 Rakhines have been driven from their homes in Rakhine State in western Myanmar and now cower in makeshift refugee camps just across the border in Bangladesh in the midst of monsoon season.

Rohingya have lived for centuries in Burma/Myanmar.  Some of their ancestors may have been brought as coolies or indentured laborers from neighboring East Bengal (today Bangladesh) by the British rulers of the region.  Once again, the British Empire was behind yet another world problem.

Burma is a hodgepodge of peoples and ethnicities.  The largest, about 60%, are Buddhist Burmans, but there are many other important groups like Karen, Kachin, Chin, Mon and Shan.  About two million Burmese are Muslim Rohingya from Arakan state.  They have been savagely persecuted, denied education, health care and even food.  Rohingya women are routinely raped.  Those who fled to wretched Bangladesh – surely the last place on earth one would want to seek refuge – have been starved, herded into camps and fall victim to human traffickers or become stateless boat people.

Myanmar denies that its two million Rohingyas are Burmese citizens.  Bangladesh also denies them citizenship.  The Rohingyas are the world’s most unwanted people – and through no fault of their own.

Burma wants an ethnically pure state, though its border regions are filled with rebellious Thai and ethnic Chinese minorities.

I covered some of the wars waged by the central government against regional separatists that have flared on and off since 1945.  To me, Burma/Myanmar is a sort of Asian Yugoslavia, filled with inimical peoples seeking independence.

What about the sainted Aung San Suu Kyi?  She, shamefully, has mutely watched the ethnic cleansing and atrocities.   This so-called champion of human rights has not made a peep because she shares power with the powerful Burmese army which is conducting the anti-Muslim pogroms.  And she fears losing popularity with majority Burmans.

The official Burmese line is that the current violence was caused by Rohingyas attacking army posts.  This is a lie.  Burma has been persecuting and trying to expel Rohingyas for decades.  Few saw and none cared.

Particularly not the three nations that could provide significant help:  China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  China is trying to crush Muslim peoples in its western regions and is thus in no mood to help.  Pakistan can’t mount a long-range operation.  Saudi Arabia, the self-styled ‘Defender of Islam’ –its claim to legitimacy – is too busy massacring Yemeni civilians with US and British help to give a hoot about the Rohingyas.

The true Koranic meaning of ‘jihad’ means going to the aid of fellow Muslims who are being persecuted because of their faith.  We can think of few better examples than the horrors in Myanmar where mobs, led by fanatical anti-Muslim Buddhist priests (in contravention of everything that this marvelous faith holds dear) are murdering Muslims and raping their women.

The Saudis averted their eyes when the Muslims of Bosnia and Kosovo were being savaged by Serb fanatics. Now, the ‘defenders of Islam’ are doing it again.  They could provide food, money, shelter, even troops to help protect the Rohingyas.  Two important Muslim majority states, Turkey and Malaysia, have spoken out and warned Burma/Myanmar to halt its persecution.  Turkey’s mighty armed forces could do much to stop the rapine and murder.  President Recep Erdogan of Turkey is clearly out of patience with Burma’s thuggish government.

Suu Kyi should have her Nobel Prize revoked.  The world must demand that Burma’s military and police immediately cease their ethnic cleansing of Muslims.

The crimes being committed in Myanmar, a beautiful country to which I am very attached, are an affront to the entire world and a massive crime without any possible justification.

Madame Suu Kyi, I once risked prison in Ragoon to go visit you.  I wish I hadn’t.  Go hide your head in shame.


Copyright  Eric S. Margolis 2017

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  1. First, she has little control. She’s the ‘leader’ in name only; the military, as is often the case, is the ‘voice’ behind the country.
    The Nobel committee, responsible for awarding prizes, should change their charter to allow the prize to be withdrawn. This is an exceptional condition and deserves an exceptional response.

  2. The biggest problem besetting the world today. Is the complete lack of leadership by the world’s politicians. All of them only care about being popular or getting re-elected. No one has the backbone to do what’s right irrespective of the political consequences. Madame Suu Kyi is simply one of many.

  3. Goes to show how ridiculous the Nobel peace prizes have become. Remember Nobel laureate Obama? Seems people in North America and western Europe are suffering from such a guilt complex about how their ancestors treated Asians and Africans, that every once in a while they pluck somebody almost at random from that part of the world and confer mythical, saintly qualities on him or her — Mandela, Mother Teresa, Malala et al. As for the Obama prize, it was actually Whitey giving himself a prize at being so open minded and electing a black guy president.

  4. The wages of diversity are disintegration.

  5. What is worse than Aung San Suu Kyi is from the Buddhist leader the Dali Lama, from him, crickets. Where is he? Why has he not said a word about those who disgrace his religion? Why has he not gone to the monks and ordered them to stop?

  6. The only thing more horrifying than the stories of Burma on facebook are the comments being left by the readers. When I look at these stories my thoughts are “They say that climate change could cause the extinction of the human species, what is the downside?” Anne Frank said she believed that deep down all people are good. This proves she really was a stupid kid.
    Yeah Suu Kyi should have her Nobel prize revoked but then so should Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger.

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