5 March 2016

I went to Libya in 1987 to interview its strongman, Muammar Khadaffi. We spent an evening talking in his colorful Bedouin tent outside the Bab al-Azizya Barracks in Tripoli which had been bombed a year earlier by the US in an attempt to kill the troublesome Libyan leader.

Khadaffi predicted to me that if he were overthrown, Libya would break up into two or three parts and again fall prey to western domination. His efforts to bring the Arab world and West Africa out of subservience and backwardness would be ended, he foretold.

The Libyan “leader” was right. Today, after his death, Libya has splintered into warring camps. The US, France and Egypt are expanding their influence in Libya, lately also joined by Italy, Libya’s former colonial ruler. They have installed the usual set of yes-men to do their bidding. Old habits die hard.

We will be hearing much more about Libya after the big wins by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in last week’s Super Tuesday Democratic primaries

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will shortly face the return of a major threat that has bedeviled her since 2012 – the attack by jihadists on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his bodyguards.

Republicans have been trying to lay blame for Benghazi on Clinton. So far they have not been very successful. But brawler Donald Trump can be counted on to attack Hillary over Benghazi, her record as a do-little Secretary of State, and her legal troubles. What’s more, the true story of the phony “liberation” of Libya may finally emerge.

Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have so far dared reveal what really happened in Benghazi. The so-called 2011 “popular revolution” in Libya was an elaborate plot by France, Britain, the US, aided by the Gulf Emirates and Egypt, to overthrow Libya’s four-decade long strongmen Khadaffi and seize control of his high-grade oil.

Western intelligence and quasi-government NGO’s used the same tactics of subversion in Libya that they employed in the successful “color revolutions” Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria, but failed in Iran and Russia.

The French wanted to overthrow Khadaffi because he claimed to have helped finance former President Nicholas Sarkozy’s election. Sarkozy denied the charged. The Gulf Arabs wanted Khadaffi dead because he kept accusing them of stealing Arab wealth and being puppets of the Western powers.

French intelligence agents had tried to assassinate Khadaffi in the 1980’s. Britain’s MI6 sought to kill the Libyan leader with a massive car bomb in Benghazi. Both attempts failed.

The regime change operation begun in 2011 by the US, France and Britain by engineered popular protests in Benghazi. They were soon followed by covert military operation led by US, British and French special forces against Khadaffi’s rag-tag army, followed by heavy air attacks. The tame western media obligingly closed its eyes to this Western military intervention, instead hailing Libya’s “popular revolution.”

After Khadaffi was overthrown and murdered (reportedly by French intelligence agents), huge stores of stockpiled arms became available. Secretary of State Clinton, who had championed the overthrow of Khadaffi, decided to arm the West’s newest “color revolution,” Syria’s anti-Assad rebels.

Most of these Libyan arms were stockpiled in Benghazi, covertly flown to Lebanon or Jordan, then smuggled to the anti-Assad rebels in Syria. US Ambassador Stevens was overseeing the arms transfers from the US consulate in Benghazi. He was killed by anti-American jihadists battling the occupation of Libya, not “terrorists.”

Hillary Clinton, who is bankrolled by heavy-duty neocons, holds chief responsibility for two calamities: the overthrow of Khadaffi and Syria’s terrible civil war. Khadaffi had been restraining numerous North African jihadist groups. After his overthrow, they poured south into the Sahel and sub-Saharan regions, menacing western-dominated governments.

We also learn that Clinton’s State Department green lighted over $150 billion of arms sales to 16 repressive nations that had donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation – a sort of government in exile for the Clinton clan.

All very sordid business. No wonder so many Americans are furious at their political class. Lots of ammo for Donald Trump.

Copyright Eric S. Margolis 2016

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5 Responses to “Hillary Haunted by Libya”

  1. Trump reminds me of Adolf and HRC is seeking some kind of glorification in the hope of self promotion on the coattails of the women movement. It would be refreshing to see a female president in the US, but a credible one and this is what HRC lacks. Why was there no mention of Bernie Sanders in this column, the most qualified of all the contenders. He is a politician like the rest of them, but seemingly the most honest one. For me HRC`s involvement in Libya as well as Syria makes her a war criminal and that is too much baggage for a POTUS.

  2. Zeeshan7 says:

    Colorful antics aside, Qaddafi was hardly the madman as often portrayed in the media. To rule a country like Libya for 4 decades while thwarting over 50 assassination attempts on his life (over 1 each year!) is hardly the work of a mentally deranged individual. In an almost instant about-turn, he reached out to the world after the overthrow of Saddam and the WMDs saga and received kudos by NATO countries for opening Libya to weapons inspectors; eventually turned out Qaddafi wasn’t being the paranoid emperor fearful of a conspiracy to overthrow him.

    After the NATO-led campaign and ouster of Qaddafi, a rosy picture of democracy and liberation reminiscent of the Mission Accomplished slogan over Iraq began to emerge. In almost the same eccentricity that defined Qaddafi, the media stopped reporting and neocons went silent on the real situation in Libya. Nobody even seems to know who the leader of Libya is today.

  3. …more interesting.
    she must have someone looking after her. Any other person in the US would have been charged and likely convicted with all the top secret material she had on her unprotected personal server.
    A real dangerous presidential candidate.

  4. Steve_M. says:

    Another excellent article. Incidentally, the Harper government in Canada happily jumped when Clinton and Obama snapped their fingers, and was only too happy to help the US, France and Britain in their invasion of Libya.
    Between the Libya fiasco, the civil war in Syria, and the e-mail scandal, Clinton will be so loaded down with baggage that, unless there is an independent candidacy that splits the Republican Party vote and allows her to win, Trump will have enough ammunition to wipe the floor with her.

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