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5 Responses to “TVO, The Agenda with Steve Paikin – Interview April 5, 2013 – North Korea crisis”

  1. They have been preparing the American public for war with North Korea with the help of Hollywood. Red Dawn 2 last year and now Olympus Has Fallen will help stoke the general public to support such a move.

  2. solum temptare possumus says:

    I have posted my remarks regarding this video in last weeks comments.
    However after watching it again; two points to add.
    1. Leave it to Mr. Margolis to expand our use of the English language. His use of the word “Vituperation” – [verbal abuse or castigation; violent denunciation or condemnation], was apropos to the topic on North Korea.
    2. Mr. Paikin’s quote of Kishore Mahbubani, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, and twice Singaporean diplomat to the UN. The quote came from the Financial Times, April 3rd 2013. Mr Margolis and Mr Mahbubani are of the same mind; students of history, and world affairs. I saw Mr. Mahbubani a few weeks ago on the CNN show “GPS”, hosted by Fareed Zakaria (sundays at 10am and 1pm). Hearing him speak encouraged me to go to Chapters and purchase his book “The Great Convergence – Asia, The West, and the Logic of One World”.
    I would dearly love to see these two learned gentlemen on a Monk debate, or the Doha Debates in Qatar. It would open the worlds eyes.
    ad iudicium

  3. George Rizk says:

    The war party has never calculated the cost of wars, just as much as the socialist party has never calculated the cost government give always.

    Are ever going to fire both parties, and start a real American parties, where politicians actually work on improving the American way of life.

  4. Great interview Mr.Margolis…I have to admire your stance on how to diffuse this possible crisis…..and that is for President Obama to hold talks with Pyongyang and don’t let the Republicans ridicule him for doing so.Republicans are known as war mongers as was evident in the last two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.There was absolutely NO reason to go to war with these countries,but the Republicans just couldn’t pass an opportunity to enrichen the filthy rich even more so.I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Margolis’ stance that dialogue between the US and NKorea is an absolute must.Having said this,I still believe that NKorea does not want to start a war.They have been pushed far enough with those inhumane sanctions that ultimately affect the general population.

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