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3 Responses to “Dispatches from “The Other Side” – Turkey”

  1. George Rizk says:

    Turkey is getting too weird of late. 1- it is so simple to talk about the wrong behaviors in its past history against the Armenians, and Christians in the greater Syria. It will illustrate that they have matured enough to have self-chriticism.
    2- it is getting in bed with crazy Islamists like Saudi Arabia to dismantle Syria, which may create a huge backlash for the entire region, and perhaps the whole world.

    There are countries that subordinate its economic prosperities to stupid ideologies, however, a new economically prosperous Turkey should not waste all it’s gain in venturing into idealogical wars.

  2. solum temptare possumus says:

    A lovely video to whet the appetite. I have always wanted to visit Turkey because of the many Archeological sites to visit and study. Now your video acts as a recommendation to spend time in the Cultural Hub of Istanbul.

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