April 2, 2023 Ah, Paris in the springtime! Clouds of tear gas. Tough CRS riot police breaking heads. Plate glass windows being smashed. Heaps of noxious garbage burning away. Retail stores being denuded of business or looted. Tourists cowering in their tiny, overpriced hotels. In short, a city under siege. […]

January 24, 2023 The finest modern military thinker, Maj. Gen J.F.C. Fuller, wrote “the true objective of war is not military victory but the peace that follows it.’ Amen. Besotted by tribalism and propaganda, we often forget why we are fighting and what changes the current war will bring. We […]

November 7, 2022 A few billion here, a few billion there – and suddenly we are looking at real money. Even more important, real inflation. Governments all over have been spending like drunken sailors in a desperate attempt to counteract the ruinous effects of the Covid pandemic and resulting closures. […]