January 25, 2020 Plagues from the east are nothing new. The Black Death and other epidemics arrived in Europe from China during the 1300’s, killing a large percentage of its population. Much of this pestilence came from rats that stowed away on merchant ships coming from the east. At the […]

Eric S. Margolis November 30, 2019 Two tragedies just happened in Romania and Australia that have left this hardened war correspondent shaken and horrified. An old tub of a cargo ship named the Queen Hind (likely Indian-owned but convenience flagged), packed with 14,600 live sheep, capsized at its dock on […]

31 July 2015   The killing in Zimbabwe of a magnificent lion named Cecil has ignited worldwide outrage and disgust.   It should.  In my view, hunting for sport is murder.   The perpetrator was Walter Palmer, a small-town dentist from Minnesota with a record of killing large animals with a bow […]