February 4, 2011 Total confusion would be a polite way of describing official Washington’s reaction to the revolts and protests now flaring across the Arab world. Neither the US government or the mainstream media knows how to respond. President Barack Obama has just suffered the second humiliation in a row […]

When China’s president, Hu Jintao, visits Washington this week, discussions will inevitably focus on money rather than grand strategy. Washington keeps pressing Beijing to raise the value of its controlled currency, the Yuan. The Chinese have so far refused more than minor increases totaling about 6%, insisting a low Yuan […]

China’s growing challenge US domination of the North Pacific became ever more evident last week as the People’s Republic revealed a new, long-ranged, radar-evading stealth aircraft, the J-20. The J-20 is likely five years from deployment. Its radar-evading ability is unknown, and probably no match for the operational US F-22 […]