New York, NY. – December 16, 2023 The massacre in Gaza of Palestinian civilians – half of them women and children – has brought growing worldwide condemnation of Israel and a surge in anti-Jewish anger. However, the co-author of this historic crime is not only Israel’s far right government and […]

December 8, 2023 Palestinians have become sand in the eyes of the Mideast. How did this happen? From where did they come? Nowhere, according to the late Israeli prime minister Golda Meir. She insisted Palestinians did not exist and were merely human flotsam and jetsam. That was pretty rich coming […]

November 10, 2023 Paris – The great Voltaire wrote ‘show me whom you cannot criticize, and I will show you who rules you.’ So true. Anyone who dares criticize Israel’s Biblical punishment of Palestinians in the Gaza outdoor prison is immediately subject to a storm of calumny and threats. No […]