THE GOP BECOMES THE PARTY OF THE BIBLE BELT August 31, 2012       Watching the storm-battered Republican convention at Tampa, Florida,  does not reinforce faith in democracy or the Grand Old Party (GOP).   American political conventions traditionally mix back-room horse trading with tasteless hoopla in which mostly […]

ROGUE REPUBLICAN Oct 5, 2012 NEW YORK – The two titans of American politics, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, locked horns this week in the first televised debate of the election season. Romney managed to show that he was still a viable candidate in spite of a […]

November 3, 2012 NEW YORK –  “It’s an ill wind that blows no good,” goes an old sailor’s saying.  Meaning: some profit even from ill fortune. Hurricane Sandy (a silly name for a monster storm that killed at least 62 people and caused $20 billion damage) ravaged coastal New Jersey […]