November 28, 2011 – ISTANBUL – It’s dark and foggy here today along the mighty Bosphorus that separates Europe and Asia. Just as murky and dangerous as exploding next-door Syria. Turkey’s formerly very successful “no problems” foreign policy crafted by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutogolu buried old arguments with Syria, Iran, […]

November 19, 2011 I’ve a lovely little painting in my study of Germany’s first emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm I. It was painted soon after the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War and the creation of a united Germany with Wilhelm as its monarch – thanks to the great German statesman, Prince Bismarck. United Germany’s […]

November 5 NEW YORK – Why should 330 million Europeans face a financial and likely political meltdown for the sake of 11 million profligate Greeks? They should not. Kick Greece out of the Euro. That’s the simple, brutal solution to the current financial crisis that is threatening to tear apart […]