When I wrote my latest book on how America rules its Mideast empire, I chose the title, “American Raj,” because this imperium so closely resembled the way Great Britain ruled India. As I predicted in the book, and in a column here last April, America’s Mideast Raj is now on […]

Growing up the son of an iron-fisted dictator would be tough for anyone – especially when your dad was the fearsome “Papa Doc.” I met Haiti’s President for Life, Dr. Francois Duvalier – better known as “Papa Doc” – at his palace in Port-au-Prince during the 1960’s. At his side […]

Oops! Something has gone terribly wrong with Washington’s plans for regime change in the Mideast. Wasn’t there supposed to be a US and British engineered revolution against Iran’s mullahs, followed by installation of a cooperative pro-western government and a bonanza for western oil companies? The revolution came, all right, but […]