A political earthquake seems about to rock Sudan and send tremors across Africa. A referendum is scheduled to occur in a little over a week – on 9 January 2011 – in which southern Sudan’s eight million inhabitants may vote to separate from the 34 million citizens of northern Sudan […]

25 December 2010 The Korean Peninsula is boiling once again, with threats flying thicker than the winter snow along North Korea’s icy Yalu River. North Korea has threatened a nuclear “holy war” against South Korea. In the South, there is open talk of “liberating” the North. Military forces in Korea, […]

War at the Top of the World

The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Tibet Award winning author, columnist, and broadcaster Eric S. Margolis has covered 14 wars and is a leading authority on military affairs, the Middle East, South Asia, and Islamic movements… India and Pakistan are at the brink of a conventional or even nuclear war […]