I don’t ever recall seeing such an ugly, dim-witted, childish American election as this coming week’s mid-term vote. A national frenzy has seized America. Fierce debate and name-calling has raged about job losses, the nation’s growing $12 trillion debt, mandatory health care, socialism – and even witchcraft. Sarah Palin, the […]

Strikes, demonstrations, and blockages of fuel deliveries continue here in Paris, and across France. However, the protests and strikes this week are not as intense as the ones over past weeks. But are promised this month and until year end. A third of France’s 12,000 gas stations are low or […]

I grew up immersed in the glorious adventures of Britain’s Royal Navy. My heart and soul thrilled to the daring exploits of Sir Francis Drake, the renowned admirals Anson and Howe, and the great Sir Horatio Nelson whose name will live forever in glory. What red-blooded boy would not have […]