31 May 2010 The two Koreas are once again in a dangerous confrontation after the sinking on 26 March of a South Korean Navy corvette that killed 46 sailors. Korea is traditionally known as the “Land of the Morning Calm.” This week, as so often, there is nothing calm about […]

  Eric S. Margolis   24 May 2010        In history’s first major airborne assault, just after dawn on 10 May, 1940,    71  German paratroopers from Luftwaffe General Kurt Student’s elite 7th Fliegerkorps landed from  ten gliders atop Belgium’s Fort Eben Emael.   Huge, heavily armed,  Eben Emael  was […]

17 May, 2010   LONDON  – After days of torturous negotiations last week, David Cameron’s Conservatives finally made a deal with Nick Clegg’s center-left Liberal Democrats, and Great Britain finally had a government. As the late British politician Enoch Powell observed, “all political careers end in failure.’   Former PM Gordon […]