24 January 2005 SHANGHAI – Back in the 1930’s, Shanghai was the wickedest city on earth. Just beyond the stately buildings of the Bund, Nanjing Road, and the European Concessions lay squalid slums, armies of leprous beggars, thousands of child prostitutes, and opium dens. Shanghai teemed with gun runners, con […]

17 January 2005 Phuket, Thailand – While politicians around the globe are jockeying to reap advantage from the December tsunami that smote southern Asia, forensic teams from a dozen nations are conducting the gruesome task of trying to identify horribly bloated, decomposing victims of the tidal waves that killed 5,000 […]

January 10, 2005 BANGKOK – The Kwaktiutl native people of British Columbia used to hold a ceremony called a `potlatch’ to decide who was the biggest man in the tribe. The person who gave away the most gifts was the winner. This week in Jakarta, the world’s leading nations competed […]